Delivering orders to customers and ensuring on-time stock replenishment can easily be achieved with FACT ERP.NG.

The completely integrated ERP solution provides in-depth analysis of your warehouse inventory in real-time.

Stay updated and make informed decisions with FACT! Zero Manual Work and a Spreadsheet Free Life!

  • Warehouse Wise Real-Time Inventory
  • Salesman Wise Target Achievement Control
  • Salesman Wise Commission Calculation
  • Partial Delivery against Sale Order
  • Landed Cost Calculation
  • Product Reorder Level Control & Alerts
  • Customer Credit Control & Dormant Customer
  • Inventory Negative Stock Control
  • Stock Reservation against Sale Order
  • Transfer of Stock between Warehouses
  • Packing List from Multiple Warehouses
  • Delivery Route Mapping
  • Daily Sales Analysis Tracking
  • Sales Analysis by Principal
  • Sales Analysis by Territory
  • Sales Analysis by Industry
  • Combo Sales Kitting
  • Promotion Period Pricing Matrix
  • Sales Price List by Retail Price less Discount
  • Unlimited Levels of Product Group & Sub Group
  • Unlimited Levels of Customer Groups
  • Multiple Currency in Single Customer Code
  • Forex Exposure Statement
  • Automatic Calculation of Realised and Unrealised Forex Gain & Loss

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